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 ====== Welcome to the CineSat Support Pages ====== ====== Welcome to the CineSat Support Pages ======
 +<WRAP highlightbox| Announcement:​ CineSat Support Pages Maintenance>​
 +**Cinesat websites will move between June 20-30th, 2019**
 +Security and stability are not only the main CineSat development drivers, but also highest priority for all user services. Therefore, the CineSat Support Pages will move to a new location and to latest secured software environment.
 +__Between June 20 - 30, 2019,__ the service may therefore be interrupted or temporarily not available. We kindly ask you for your understanding. If you should experience problems accessing your login account, please contact your CineSat Support Team.
 [[support:​start|{{:​pub:​technical-support-m2.jpg?​170 | Customer Support}}]] [[support:​start|{{:​pub:​technical-support-m2.jpg?​170 | Customer Support}}]]

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